The Curriculum is delivered in two ways at Caulfield Junior College::  The Victorian Curriculum and the French Binational Program


Victorian Curriculum

Learning areas and Capabilities.  The Victorian Curriculum F–10 includes both knowledge and skills. These are defined by learning areas and capabilities. This curriculum design assumes that knowledge and skills are transferrable across the curriculum and therefore are not duplicated. For example, where skills and knowledge such as asking questions, evaluating evidence and drawing conclusions are defined in Critical and Creative Thinking, these are not duplicated in other learning areas such as History or Health and Physical Education. It is expected that the skills and knowledge defined in the capabilities will be developed, practised, deployed and demonstrated by students in and through their learning across the curriculum.

The design of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 is set out below:


Learning areas

The Arts

  • Dance

  • Drama

  • Media Arts

  • Music

  • Visual Arts

  • Visual Communication Design


Health and Physical Education

The Humanities

  • Civics and Citizenship

  • Economics and Business

  • Geography

  • History





  • Design and Technologies

  • Digital Technologies


For more information about the Australian curriculum, please visit:




The French Binational Program

Our school is accredited to teach the French Curriculum alongside the Victorian Curriculum. Students enrolled in the French Binational Program receive instructions from the two Curricula on alternating days. Please click here for more information.


Our school provides a variety of co-curricular activities that enhance the academic, social and emotional, musical and sporting opportunities for your child.


Please click here to view our extracurricular activities

Please click here to find out about before and after care and holiday program



The wellbeing of our students is paramount to us. Our students are supported in a variety of ways, both socially and emotionally under the leadership of our Student Wellbeing Coordinator, Shauna Sanderson.


These areas of support include:

  • Our Student Wellbeing Team, who collaborate to ensure the wellbeing of our students is always our primary focus. 

  • Our LADIT (Let’s All Do It Together) Program runs in all classes at the beginning of the year, with the purpose of building a sense of community within and between classes.

  • A Restorative Practices approach is used across the school to help students build empathy and understanding of and for each other. 


The school can also engage external experts to support your child if required, including having access to:

  • Psychological and Speech Therapy services via the DET.

  • Counselling through Oz Child Family Services.




Teaching our children a second language from a young age is a gift that will allow them to flourish throughout their lives. One of our bilingual specialist teachers, Vincent Berraud, has written an article that aims at helping parents raise bilingual children, by offering tips and ideas that can be practiced at home.

To read the article in English click here

Permettre à nos enfants d’apprendre une deuxième langue dès un jeune âge est un cadeau qui les aidera à s’épanouir tout au long de leur vie.  L’un de nos professeurs spécialistes en bilinguisme, Vincent Berraud, a écrit un article qui vise à donner des trucs et conseils à pratiquer pour aider les familles à promouvoir le bilinguisme à la maison.

Pour lire l’article en français cliquez ici


Our students are elected by their peers to fulfil leadership positions across the school. The key work of our student leaders is to enhance the environment in which their peers learn and play in. We are incredibly proud of the young leaders in our school and are committed to building their skills as leaders of the future. 

In 2020, our student leadership team is as follows:


School Captains

  • Madeline Cooper

  • Louise Eymin Petot Tourtollet

  • Nile Roberts

  • Maya Shifferson


Environmental Leaders

  • Jemima Bristow

  • Gwendolyn Thiere


Multimedia Leaders

  • Romain Blanchet

  • Penelope Ralogaivau


SRC leaders

  • Riya Kanta

  • Max Woolf

Cultural liaison​​

  • Amélie Bleksley

  • Ashley Fisher

  • Ariel Levi

  • Daniela Tapia-Leal


Flinders House

  • Laura Wong (Capt)

  • Louis Hessel (VC)

Cook House

  • Emma Dansin (Capt)

  • Victoria Jahan (VC)


Sturt House

  • Louis Mulet (Capt)

  • Laszlo Hollande (VC)


Hume House

  • Noah Muldoon (Capt)

  • Claude Howard (VC)

Visual Arts Captains  -

  • Sabine Thompson

  • Ashley Butbul

  • Safya Renard (VC)


Performing Arts Captains

  • Evie Marks

  • Manon Charing Berraud

  • Faustine Eymin (VC)​

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