2019 Victorian School Holidays and Term Dates

Term 1   29 January to 5 April - (End of Term 2.30pm Finish)

Term 2  23 April to 28 June - (End of Term 2.30pm Finish)

Term 3  15 July to 20 September - (End of Term 2.30pm Finish)

Term 4  7 October to 20 December - (End of Term 1.30pm Finish)



Caulfield Junior College has a compulsory school uniform.  The School Council has a policy that all students must wear school uniform. Wearing school uniform assists in developing the culture of the school, unified identity and maintaining a good public image. School uniform is also cost effective and our supplier is PSW in Ormond.  All uniforms have the school logo and are for both girls and boys. School hats can be purchased from the office, throughout the school year.



Students need to wear shoes that will allow them to run and participate in sport activities. Shoes that are non slip and protect the ends of toes from stubbing need to be worn.  Leather school shoes or sneakers are preferred items of footwear. 

Thongs, open toed sandles or shoes without ankle support are not appropriate school footwear. 



For safety reasons and to prevent headlice infestation it is recommended that below collar length hair is tied back. It also can be difficult and distracting to work or participate in sport when hair interferes with vision.


School Bag  

A school bag that is large enough to fit take home books, lunch, water bottle and other items of interest that your student wishes to bring is an essential item. A note of caution: choose a school bag that is a suitable size for your child. Bags need to be large enough to fit an A3 size book and a lunch box. Caulfield Junior College bags are available for purchase from PSW. 


Lunches and Special Occasion Food

Caulfield Junior College does not have a canteen, however the Parents Committee offers students the ability to order:

Rice and noodles                       Tuesdays

Sushi                                             Thursday

Pies and sausage rolls               Friday

Challah                                         Friday


These items can onlybe ordered via Qkr. Please note that orders must be submitted via Qkr before 8am on the Monday preceeding the order date (i.e. if Sushi is required for Thursday February 8th, you must order by 8am on Monday February 5th).


On occasion you may wish to send your child to school with a cake to celebrate their birthday, or you may be asked to bring a plate to classroom functions or provide products for sale at fundraising events. Like most schools we have students with nut allergies, so please be mindful of this when preparing food and always provide a list of ingredients.


Special Circumstances

A change of underclothes for those students who may still have the occasional "accident" should be sent to school and kept in a side pocket of their school bag. However, if a change of clothes can not be found in the bag, the school nurse has spares which are labelled ‘CJC’. We ask that these be washed and returned to school the next day.


Hats and Sunscreen

Caulfield Junior College is a Sun Smart School, we recommend wearing a protective sun hat and applying sunscreen from August 15 to April 30.  Hats are compulsory in term 1 and 4.  School hats can be purchased from the school office and PSW.  It is suggested that sunscreen is applied at home prior to arrival at school. Students are permitted to apply sunscreen throughout the day when supplied by parents. Teachers are not able to apply sunscreen to students but will remind the students to put the sunscreen on before each play time. 


Art Smock 

An art smock is preferred for use during art/craft activities to protect clothing. Remember many of the materials used in these sessions cannot be removed from clothing eg: food dyes and some paints. A plastic art smock may be purchased from PSW. Keep it in your child’s bag all the time as the teacher may do art activities in the classroom and it is useful to have it easily accessible.


Library Bag

For new students a vinyl satchel/library bag is on the Student Learning Requirements. This satchel is also used for take home readers and is available throught the school office for $10.00. This sturdy bag will last your student until Year 6. 


Swimming Gear

As part of its comprehensive sports programme, Caulfield Junior College offers an intensive water familiarisation and swimming programme. On days when this programme is running, students will need to bring swimmers, cap, goggles and a towel to school in a bag. It is also useful for students to wear the swimmers under their uniforms on the day to save time, and to pack a plastic bag to put wet swimmers in at the end of the session. Swimming bags and swimming caps featuring the Caulfield Junior College logo can be purchased from the school office.

Please label all personal belongings such as clothing, lunch boxes, drink bottles and school bags. Ensure your child knows where the item is labelled


CJC’s Parents Committee (PC) is your opportunity to become involved in your child's school, help build our community, improve school facilities and act as a positive role model for your children.


Although all parents have the opportunity throughout the year to volunteer and submit ideas to the PC, it is primarily run by a core group of volunteers that meet regularly to plan socialising and fundraising events as well as run some important services at CJC.


What the PC Does


Food Items

- As CJC does not have a canteen, the parents committee provide some lunchbox items up to 3 days per week. 

- Food items are ordered via QKR on a weekly basis and delivered to the child's classroom at lunchtime.

- We currently offer Rice and Noodles, Sushi and Pies. We also offer a Challah (Jewish soft sweet bread) and Icy Poles after school on Fridays.


2nd Hand Uniform and Lost property

- CJC’s 2nd Hand Uniform stall is held once a term at an afterschool event or by appointment throughout the term.

- We collect lost and donated uniforms, wash them and prepare them for sale.

- We also collect and arrange lost property. All lost property is located on the middle floor of the main building outside the 2nd hand uniform stall.

- We recommend that you check lost property regularly as items that are left for more than a month will be donated to the 2nd hand uniform shop or    

  given to charity.

- It is important to label all of your child's clothing.  We recommend including both the child's first name and surname on all items as well as a parents

  phone number.


- The PC run a fundraising program with Stuck on You label company who will donate a percentage of your purchase to the school. Please consider

  using Stuck on You when you purchase your labels and ask at the uniform stall for the coupon code.  


Class Conveners

- Each class has a class convener that will coordinate information and events with the Teacher and PC.

- The convenor will distribute a class list of all students families contact details and offer regular social activities throughout the year such as class

  breakfasts and both family and parent only get togethers. 

Social and Fundraising Events

- The PC host a number of social and fundraising events throughout the year, such as a Mothers’ and Fathers Day breakfast and gift stall, movie night and

  cultural celebrations such as a Bastille Day crepe stall.

- These events give parents an opportunity to socialise as well as donate their time or skills and to help raise funds to improve school amenities. 

Facebook Page and Regular Communications

- The PC hosts a Facebook page for parent and school interest group discussions and also publish helpful information in the weekly school newsletter and

  via a class communication sent by the class conveners. The Caulfield Junior College (CJC) Parentspage is a closed group. Please join up to share school

  related information and news. New members will be asked a security question when joining.

- The school also uses Compassto send out reminders and notices. 

- Additionally, we offer a WhatsApp PC group to communicate and offer input.

- We also invite you to join the CJC parent Facebookpage.

How to Get Involved

Become a Core Member 

- The best way to become involved in the PC is to take up a position or come to our regular meetings.

Become a Class Convenor

- Being a class convenor is a fantastic way to get to know other families in your class as well as providing a valuable service connecting families, teachers

  and the PC. Your responsibilities will be to update a class contact list and help organise social events.

- The PC offers regular assistance and advice, as well as support from other class conveners.

Volunteer to Help

- We constantly require helpers for all events. We will communicate via class conveners when volunteers are needed and expect everyone to help out at

  least once per year.

- All volunteers require a Working with Children check. It is free, please apply through

Contribute Ideas or Contacts

- We understand that not all parents have free time, but welcome you to keep in touch and contribute ideas. If you want to have your say on what should

  be done, changed or just want to pass on some advice, experience, a contact or even an offer of sponsorship this can be as great as volunteering your


- You can contact the PC at :



Parents and guardians can access the Parent Portal through Compass. From the Student Profile of your child, click on the 'Attendance' tab. Choose from a list of attendance explanations, add absence notes (past and future). Please enter your child’s absence before the beginning of the school day (9am). 


However, if your child is marked as “unexplained absence” on the morning roll and you haven’t entered an explanation, you will receive a text on your mobile phone AT approximately 10.15am prompting you to login to Compass and justify your child’s absence. 


If you think that your child is at school and you receive a text message reporting an absence, please contact the school office immediately on (03) 9509 6872.


Late Arrivals and Early Departures

A kiosk, which is linked to Compass is set up at the office window to electronically sign your child:

  • In when they arrive after 9am

  • Out when they depart prior to 3.30pm


Please note that in compliance with the Department of Education and Training Victoria, a parent or guardian must be present to sign the students in and out as it is our duty of care to ensure that the students do not enter or leave the school grounds unaccompanied during school hours.


If you have any query regarding this procedure, please call the school office on

(03) 9509 6872.

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Our school provides a variety of co-curricular activities that enhance the academic, social and emotional, musical and sporting opportunities for your child.


Please follow the links below to find out more about these activities:


Hebrew Immersion Program

Soccer Program

Basketball Program

Music Classes

Cooking Classes - EFM After School

Art Classes - EFM After School

Choir - Australian Girls Choir

Drama Classes - EFM After School

Chess Club - EFM After School

Web Radio - Enquire at School

French Cinema Club - Enquire at School

Prep Circus Classes - Enquire at School

Buddy Program - Enquire at School

School Yard Chickens - Enquire at School


L’École Française de Melbourne

What is the EFM?

The Ecole Française de Melbourne was born in 1998 from the desire of a bilingual and bicultural parental community whose aim was to provide their children with an education that was both Australian and French. The Ecole Française de Melbourne founded the French Elective programme at Caulfield Junior College and thanks a Board of volunteer parents  and administered the  programme from 1998-2016. Today, the EFM remains invested and it’s purpose is to create, promote and develop accessible French bi-lingual educational development in Melbourne. The EFM offers french language After School Activites known as ‘ASA’at CJC. 

The ASA’s run from 3.45pm-4.45pm every day for a fixed price per term and are supervised by a full time co-ordinator. Prep/Foundation level children are collected directly from their classrooms and taken care of from 3:30pm. Reservations open the first day of the first week of term and sell out fast !


For more information or questions please contact Ingrid on 0481165218 or


Activities Include:

  • Cuisine & Pâtisserie (Petit Chef)

  • Sciences Lab

  • Art and Theatre

  • Summer games including, Karate, Yoga, Dance and Chess

  • French Culture

  • Mathematics (Xplore)

  • Music Classes (Ukulélé)


For more information and cost, please follow the link :

L’Origine de l’EFM ? 

L’EcoleFrançaise de Melbourne est née en 1998 grâce à une communauté bilingue et biculturelle voulant offrir à ses enfants un enseignement à la fois Australien et Français.  L’Ecole Française de Melbourne a fondé le French Elective programme primaire à Caulfield Junior College. Le  Comité des  parents bénévoles l’a géré de 1998-2016.  Aujourd’hui l’EFM reste impliqué et sa charte est de soutenir l’enseignement du cursus français à Melbourne.  L’EFM offre aussi les activités périscolairesen français à CJC, nommé After School Activities ou ‘ASA’. 


Les ASA se déroulent de 15.45 à 16.45 du lundi au vendredi, et sont gérés  par une coordinatrice et son équipe d’animateurs. Les enfants en ‘prep’ sont accompagnés directement dans leurs salles de classes et sont pris en charge dès 15.30 par la coordinatrice. Les réservations ouvrent le premier jour de chaque rentrée trimestriel  et se vendent  très rapidement ! Les frais pour ces activités varient selon les classes.  


Pour plus d’informations et questions contactez Ingrid au 0481165218 ou


Vous trouverez ci-dessus le programme provisoire pour 2019.

After School Activities 


L’équipe d’animation Anglophone et francophone qualifiée propose des activités manuelles, sportives et musicales tout en pratiquant le français.  L’objectif est de rendre l’enfant acteur de ses loisirs en lui proposant un accès ludique au français. 

Ces activités sont ouvertes à tous.




Les inscriptions se font le premier jour de la rentrée. Vous recevrez un mail avec tous les détails et le lien Trybooking pour vous inscrire.


Pour tout complément d’information :

N’hésitez pas à nous adresser un email via infoasa.efm@gmail.comou à nous appeler au 04 81 165 218


Les Activités proposées


  • Cuisine & pâtisserie (Petit Chef)

  • Sciences Lab

  • Activités Manuelles et artistiques (Art, Théâtre)

  • Une grande diversité de sports, jeux (Summer games, Karaté, Yoga, Danse, Chess)

  • French Homework

  • Mathématiques (Xplore)

  • Musique (Ukulélé)


Les parents pourront voir le résultat de ces activités en assistant à la dernière classe du trimestre!




3.30pm:  Fin de la journée ! Ingrid la coordinatrice ASA collecte les élèves des classes de prep participant aux activités.

3.30pm- 3.45pm:  détente et jeux supervisés dans la cour de l’école 

3.45pm:  Début des activités

4.45pm:  Fin des activité

Bookings/pour réserver:  Trybooking from 07/10

Ingrid Selmersheim on 0481 165 218



TeamKids are the leading provider in outside school hours care, providing programs for children all over Australia, including school holiday care in Melbourne, (Victoria) Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

They understand that juggling work/life commitments can be a challenge when you have a family, which is why they are passionate about what they do. They are confident that parent's won’t find out of school care in Australia that ticks all the boxes in the way that TeamKids do - and that’s a promise.

Whether Parents/Guardians are looking for before or after school care in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or the Gold Coast, all of our programs are led by a full time Director of Service, who is teacher-qualified or equivalent. This delivery model ensures Parents and Guardians have a professional who is dedicated and focused on providing the best possible educational experiences and outcomes to before and after school care services.

TeamKids holiday programs are conveniently located at local schools, with extended hours to help families juggle work and home. We believe that school holiday care should be centred around activities and adventures that children genuinely enjoy, which is why our specialist team focus on creating school holiday care that includes incursions, excursions and in-house activities. Inclusive of a broad range of exciting activities such as cooking, bubble soccer, trampoline parks, epic excursions, super sports days, giant laser tag, art attack, coding, construction, maker days, STEM days, robotics and so much more, our focus is on fun.

Automn 2019 Holiday Program

Le programme pour les vacances scolaires automne 2019

For more information and for bookings please visit:


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Sportwise Australia

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