Our students are our future.

That one statement outlines the incredible importance of schools. We have a responsibility to nurture the great young minds that we invite into our school and guide them towards the world-changing people they can become. 

At Caulfield Junior College, we will support your child as they transition from early childhood settings into their primary education. We will understand them not just as learners, but as young people. We will provide an environment where  they are supported, challenged and connected. 

Our school motto is Leading the Way and I can proudly say that I know our students will be 'Leading the Way' in the future.

Chris Chant






Over a century ago, in July 1914, Caulfield Junior College opened its doors for the first time (as Balaclava Road Primary School), just two weeks before the news broke that WW1 had begun. Caulfield was then a flourishing new suburb and the residents had been pushing the project for several years. 


Four hundred students were already enrolled when Balaclava Road Primary opened its doors, making it one of the largest primary schools in Melbourne.


What a great achievement it was for the local community as previously, the students residing in Caulfield North had to walk several kilometres through bushland or swamps to schools, which were located as far as St Kilda or Malvern.

Balclava State School

Balaclava State School before it became Caulfield Emergency Hospital



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