French Elective


Background of the French Elective at Caulfield Junior College

Caulfield Junior College (CJC) is very proud of its culturally rich heritage and community, and its reputation for providing an environment which fosters diversity and multiculturalism.

The French Elective (FE) is a bilingual, binational program that features dual certification from the Victorian and French governments (via the Agency for French Education Abroad - AEFE). CJC, as a partner of the AEFE network, is a part of a unique international network of more than 500 schools around the world.

The FE has existed since 1998, with the first class made up of just 15 students. Originally established and driven by a passionate group of parents seeking to provide their children with an education that was both Australian and French, the elective was previously administered privately by l’École Française de Melbourne (EFM).  Ongoing demand for the program and a desire to consolidate its future at the school led to the full integration of the FE into CJC in 2016. Never had such a large, privately run language program been integrated into a government school setting - a true testimony to the work, innovation and dedication of the many people who contributed to the success of a program that now boasts around 300 students.

Since January 2017, the French Elective at CJC has been administered by the leadership of CJC on behalf of the Department of Education of Victoria.


Caulfield Junior College has the accreditation of the Agency for French education abroad (AEFE) and of the Council of International School (CIS).

The Principal and the French Director are working with the French Pedagogical Inspector to ensure the FE meets the standards and practices to maintain accreditation from the French Ministry of Education. Accreditation by the French Ministry of education certifies that the teaching provided by the School complies with the demands, curriculum, teaching objectives and organizational rules of the French education system.

As a member of CIS as well, CJC demonstrates the commitment to high quality international education for the students.

The school is continually improving and keeping up with the best international education standards.

How do the children learn?

Students enrolled in the French Elective are taught an integrated French-Australian curriculum, from Prep to Year 6. Each binome class is allocated a French-speaking teacher (teaching the French curriculum in French) and an English-speaking teacher (teaching the Victorian curriculum in English).

Students in the FE are assessed according to both French Ministry of Education criteria and Victorian standards. Students also participate in the National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN).

Delivery of the curriculum is based on an “alternative day” model which means that each day, both English and French teachers swap classrooms. This ensures that students are exposed as often as possible to both languages. All topics are taught in both languages to allow students to develop their interculturality. These practices are considered best practice.

How much does it cost?

The FE is offered strictly on a ‘user pay’ basis, as it is provided to participating students over and above the standard Victorian curriculum.

School Council is responsible for setting the French Elective Parent Levy on an annual basis, in consultation with the French Director and the Principal. This amount is due in addition to the CJC Education Contribution Payments, which are payable by all families in Victorian state schools. View CJC’s Payment Policy here.


How do enrolments work?

All enrolments follow the CJC Enrolment Policy and admission to the French program is subject to set criteria around the French language being met.( Please refer to our School Policies page.)


Prep enrolment

As in all state government schools, enrolments are open one year before your child is eligible to start in Prep. For example, if you are interested in the French Elective and your child is eligible for Prep in 2019, we ask you to contact the office from February 2018 to have your details (child and contact details) held in an expression of interest file.


All enrolment inquiries - please contact the Office


School office: 186 Balaclava Road, Caulfield North, Victoria, 3161 (office hours 8.30am – 4.30pm Monday - Friday)

Telephone: (03) 9509 6872, from France:  +61 395 096 872