From our students,


On Tuesday the 20th of June all Year 3/4 students went on an excursion to ArtVo in the Docklands. Students enjoyed their experience by interacting and taking photos within the different themed art rooms. They were guided beforehand about how to take photos with the paintings. The paintings covered all the walls and the floor, which allowed students to take different positions to become part of the artwork.


From the students - Bailey Vak, Mikey Barmakov and Charlie Levy 3/4C - There were lots of cool things at the ArtVo. There was a series of rooms with themes such as Jungle, Egypt, Aussie Bush and Under the Sea. ArtVo is about illusions. The art creates a 3D illusion when you take the photo with the artwork, for example you take photos that look like your'e floating inside a bubble or flying on a magic carpet. Everyone loved taking photos with the art and feeling like they could be part of it. Fun was had by all, it was a great excursion.