Parents' Committee Update

Class Breakfast – Class 3D and 3D
Breakfast is being held at 8:15 am on Wednesday, 28th June


Come along and bring a plate to share. No nuts please! Gluten free and healthy food options always appreciated.  Siblings welcome and encouraged.

Lost Property

 A reminder that Lost Property is located on the first floor of the Main Building.


If your child has misplaced an item of clothing please ensure you check Lost Property. There are still quite a number of clothing items, the majority of which are named.


If items are not collected they will be washed and donated to the second hand clothing shop/stall.


We ask that parents please check hat and jacket labels on the clothes their children bring home every so often to make sure they haven't accidently brought someone else's item home by mistake.  This can easily happen and we have quite a number of lost items at the moment which aren’t in lost property.  Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Food Orders Online

There is only 1 week left to order food items for Term 2.  Remember to place your orders via the Qkr App by the 8:00 am cut off time so your child/children don’t miss out:


Fried Rice and Noodles every Tuesday

Sushi  every Thursday

Hotdogs will commence again in Term 3

Challah, on Fridays.


Weekly cut off times for orders - Monday 8:00am